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March 10, 2006




Surely you realize this is partially rhetorical? Don't get too worked up.


I know it is tough being in seminary and all, but I think you should just get on with it and forget about their political wranglings and gnashing of teeth.

You know what they're about, you know what they're going to say, and you know that they're going to implode. Don't let them get to you, man.

That's all.



Speaking of "The Boat", it's ready when all y'all want to get on.


Thanks Pauli but that just exchanges one set of problems for another. I'm more interested in recovering the beliefs and practices of the early reformed.


G: Whether your post is partially rhetorical or not, I do believe that Boneman makes a crucial point. Don't give up the fight. Force those who have hijacked the term "reformed" to abandon it.

Just because Joe Shmoe uses the term "awesome" to refer to his philly cheesesteak, doesn't mean that I'm going to claim that "awesome" is no longer an appropriate adjective for God.

It seems to me that whether you like it or not, you are no more post-reformed than Brian McLaren is post-modern.

A fellow Reformed Catholic,

PS- if I'm in left field, please forgive my daftness.


Hi Andrew,

No Left-fieldness. I'm actually doing this as a kind of thought-experiment. It seems we are fighting this battle (unfortunately it is a battle) by rushing the front lines in lock step. I am convinced there is an oblique way to by-pass the impasse. Besides I really want to talk to the people on the other side of the impasse (broader church) than those locked in combat at the road-block.


Thanks, Garrett. I think I smell what you're cookin'.

I have voiced my opinion on this matter, and there is no need to reiterate (I'm trying to get over my proclivity to beat dead horses).

I'll keep checking your blog for more brainfood.

BTW, tell Tate and Charissa (she's my cousin) I said hello.



You're the guy. They told me about you (all good).


Aww, Shucks.

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