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April 24, 2006



4. Walk like an Egyptian

5. Party like it's 1999

How are the moving plans coming along?


You once listened to Babylonian demon music?! I'm shocked, shocked, I say!

Plans are coming along nicely but that's all relative. Spent the day packing and there's a mess more to go!

Thanks for asking.


Pack now, Garrett. But come early May, drop it all and come out to Seattle to the Reform and Resurge conference with me.

C'mon. It'll be fun.


Man, I wish I could. Real bad. Soon's we get settled in though, I want to start getting connected. Unfortunately that's finals time.

The Cheng

What about communion? Whom will that be like?


Straight Johnny Calvin (in substance) but very Jewish in its joyful and celebratory atmosphere.

Kevin D. Johnson


Have you encountered any flack from the CREC over the potential use of images in services via digital projection (given Wilson's strong stance against images)?

Just wondering.


Not yet. But its not the PCA.


What about for bread, using sort of middle eastern flatbread, like gyro stuff you know? The flat kind you can rip apart?


Maybe, but technically any "yeasted" bread will do. The only bread that is truly "leavened" is a sourdough-type of bread. Besides that fact, we want to emphasize the idea that we are not leaving Egypt in haste but are resting in the Land.

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