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April 29, 2006


Brother Quotidian

Hi, Garrett,

Just in case it's helpful here ...

I have come on to blogs from time to time which have a feature that seems to authenticate email addresses input by commentators. I don't know how effective this is -- it occurs to me that putting in a bona fide but fraudulently input email addy might run around this. Since I've never tried this, I don't know. I do recall having a comment refused because when I had input the email address or web site (as in this one) I had made a typo and the blog-watch-dog bounced the comment back to me.

Whether blogs.com or some add-on will help you here is for someone else to say. But, there do seem to be some attempts out there to make this kind of harrassment more difficult than it would appear to be for you, with your blog configured as it is.

Thanks, by the way, for at least exposing this chap.


Thanks BQ. I'll have to look into that feature. For now, I think parasitic content will be apparent and result in a bounce. I can exclude based on IP address but if someone has the time and resources they could move from computer to computer to keep one step ahead but then that would just be bizarre.


G -

Thanks for exposing this guy. He needs to be put under the "blog ban" for the sake of the body of Christ. That kind of behavior should not be tolerated anywhere. We would not tolerate this kind of thing in another public forum, why would we tolerate it here?

Blogs are a wonderful way for us to have substantive theological conversation over space and time. Why should we let guys like this cheapen the forum in an effort to discredit us?

- Boneman


I'm frankly amazed at how many really strange people there are out their in Reformed circles. When I used to work at Hollywood High School I thought the church was a refuge away from the fuzzbies.

TJ Wolters

You are one of the strange Reformed guys Garretto...



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