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April 27, 2006


Mike Spreng

I'm a beer drinker but I won't die on that hill. Part of me thinks that we should lay low on that in order to keep company with our Baptistic brothers. The other part of me says to drag them along, regardless of their phobia.


Hi Mike,

We are a Reformed and paedobaptist church. As such, we do theology in taverns and pubs, its in our genes! Besides, having some malted or fermented beverages is not only enjoyable to "oil" conversation but its a great way to reach out. If some Baptists don't want to loosen up ...oh well.

Stupor Stupid

Yes, one can easily imagine Jesus and the Apostles hanging out at O'Charley's Pub.
AFTER one has had a few, and wants to excuse his worldliness.
To drink or not drink alcohol isn't the virtue. Ministers as confused as you are a travesty.


Stupor, nice name. How about having the guts to self-identify? This is the best these pre-teens can do. Notice "Stupor's" email address:

[email protected]


In case you haven't realized it, you have taken on the persona of an accuser of Christ, a Pharisee, who made a similar argument when they said:

Matthew 11:19 "The Son of Man came eating and drinking, and they say, 'Look at him! A glutton and a drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and sinners!' Yet wisdom is justified by her deeds."

Sorry man, I don't buy into your feminized paradigm but serve the Master whose coming was attended with flowing wine and who made some of the best wine ever created at the wedding of Cana.

So, Stupor, here's a toast to rubes who attack the gift of YHWH, adult beverages that make the heart glad!


Hey Stupe-Doggy-Dog,

You write, "Yes, one can easily imagine Jesus and the Apostles hanging out at O'Charley's Pub."

Well, I can imagine, Martin Luther, John Calvin and CS Lewis doing it!

Stupid as(*) you are

I cannot imagine the Lord 'wetting the people's appetites' beforehand with such a rousing defense of a mere beverage.
Take away your beer and cigars, both of which I enjoy, by the way, and you are what?
The point is, Craw, that Paul preached Christ crucified, and so should you.
As to my manliness, I'll kick your butt, you simp.
Something the Pharisees never would of said.
And, the Pharisee's weren't talking about alcohol. You are an idiot.


What are you in sixth grade? Pathetic.

Self-identify big boy or your comments get pulled.


What do you plan to do at 'Calvin on Tap'? (apart from drink beer and smoke - which sounds good, btw!) Have speakers? Agree a discussion topic? Or just go with the flow of friendly chat as long as it's calvinian-ish?


One of the following (all formats will be utilized at some point):

1. Pre-planned discussion (a book, paper, or topic)
2. Guest Speaker
3. Free-for-all

Mark Horne

1. You can take care of the Baptist issue by only inviting one at a time,unless you want to see them act like teetotalers. (Stupid joke, sorry.).

2. Calvin on Tap doesn't sound really post-reformed, does it? It still sounds nice though.

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