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April 22, 2006


Brother Quotidian

Hi, Garrett,

Your summary of Podles may simply be too brief to highlight the key error with Bernard, which I wish to do here ...

What became increasingly acceptable with Bernard is the application of what Podles calls the Bible's "bridal imagery" to speak of an *individual* Christian's spirituality. Leaving aside the fact that this is profoundly unbiblical, probably anti-Biblical when considered in light of the OT prohibition of the intersection of sex and worship, it nevertheless runs with the grain of a feminine spirituality. On the other hand, it cuts exactly across the grain of an individual man's spirituality. It is a straight (and conceptually, a short) line from Bernard to the "Jesus is my boyfriend" choruses which drive any ordinary man batty when they're sung in church.

There's much more here to comment on, particularly as to what will correct this perverse state of affairs. But I'm out the door to our parish Bible study in a few moments. More later, much later, this evening.




Good to hear from you. I'm working on a paper regarding masculinity and the church and got some resources from Touchstone (on the male/female, masculine/feminine subject matter you mentioned before) and picked up Podles book. Interesting stuff with some very practical applications that I need to work through in preparation for church-planting.


Thanks Garrett; good post. I wonder if we actually need a more fully-fleshed out view of the church as the bride of Christ. As such, she is the new Eve, the one who is supposed to help the new Adam as he subdues the earth. I wonder if a feminized view of marriage - relational, man and wife oriented to one another, rather than wife oriented to husband as he is oriented to the world (based on a misunderstanding of why it's not good for man to be alone in Gen 2) - is part of the problem.


Perhaps. We need to get away from the errors of the past (feminized affectation: beautific vision, etc.) and the present (neglect). This is the great theological quest of our age, ecclesiology, not re-hashing soteriological battles on linguistic grounds.

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