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April 25, 2006


Mark Horne

I had forgotten how much the American war against the sexes was involved in this.


Care for an ice-cold Welches served up in a frilly pink glass on a doily-laden tray?


Good point. See my blog entry from a couple of days ago:


Does longevity increase exponentially with 2 or 3 glasses of red wine a day?


Probably not exponentially but it would increase. More resveratrol you see. And by the way, Jeanne Louise Calment drank port wine every day. ;)


God gave us Port as a great blessin' mon!


I've heard that Mr.Welch, who of course started a prosperous juice company, was a leader in the temperance movement.

'Temperance' is such a misleading term isn't it, what they were really going after was abstinence.

Yes, it is interesting to consider the 'feminist' aspects of this trend, I'd like to learn more. It seems like a weird period in American history too, in regard to health and wellness movements. The Graham cracker for example invented by a pastor who claimed it the perfect diet. Of course Christian Science started in the era, as well as Mr. Kellogg and all these cereral and grain health diets. Certainly, the cold grain cereral with milk seems now a permanent fixture at the American breakfast table. Is that influenced by feminization too? I wonder. Cold food, hhmm, I really don't like cold food... for breakfast or any time of the day really. Maybe if we drank more wine in our culture and less milk we'd have less heart disease.


I have some tentative theories, one of which is the exhaustion of men after the Civil War which made them sign off on anything.


Cold food definitiely feminist, since women didn't want to cook eggs and bacone every morning.


Captain Crunch...breakfast of demons!

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