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July 13, 2006


Brother Quotidian

Lookin' good, Garrett!

I donned the collar when I was ordained to the Anglican diaconate. I confess that I felt pretty self-conscious, a precisely oxymoronic sensation when one takes into consideration the meaning attached to the elements of the garb.

Two things on that score: the collar itself hails to the Roman "insignia" for slaves who were allowed to go to and fro in Roman society on their masters' business. The color (black) was to signal a complete abnegation of self in favor of one's master.

I often wondered if I'd be mistaken for a Catholic cleric in this garb. After a couple of years now, I can recall only two occasions when this has happened, both of them in airports.

Now this is my only garb in public. It's wonderfully simplifying! And, my wardrobe costs have plummeted to about $9 a month, what I spend yearly to replace two shirts and two pair of black slacks.

But, most importantly for our community, my public dress these days is a long, slow campaign to educate everyone that Roman Catholics do not "own" the uniform, and to keep in public view an example of someone who marks himself as a servant of Christ. Needless to say, this is a constant and compelling reminder to me to behave in all ways so as to adorn all that the uniform signifies.



Did you get any comments from the locals?


Well, even without the collar (though it looks great), that is a great picture of the two of you!

Chris King

Here's a question from one of the "locals"...can you expound more on the "why"? Brother Q posted an intro of some reasons, but could you expound a bit more? Thanks!

Sean Brandt

Looking good!


Hi Chris,

Sure, real quick the reasons are threefold:

1. Everyone wears the uniform of their occupation, doctors, plumbers, cops, even test pilots! : )

2. A uniform allows one to be "lost" in their office. A judge, for example, is no longer Herb Splanknidzo, but Judge Splanknidzo. Pastors have traditionally been men of respect and visibility in their parishes. Now, no one knows who they are. Perhaps this has happened on purpose but a pastor should always be "on duty" for the whole community.

3. This cuts through a lot of unessasary guessing, particularly when people are in need. A stranger can approach you and ask for prayer as happened to a friend recently.

For further information, try this article by my former pastor, Jeff Meyers:



Looks good Garrett! Now you need a Hawaiian shirt motif/color to fit with the collar. Hhhm, well, then again maybe that would not be appropriate. I did see a Lutheran pastor one time in the midwest who had a the Floridian like aqua-marine green with his collar, it looked very nice. Would look better in SoCal though. Can get a salmon colored shirt perhaps?

Chris King


Thanks for the link to the article. It was a good read. On a similar note to the article's testimonies, my wife has noticed similar reactions when wearing dresses/modest clothing.





Ah, salmon...still in Alaska, eh?

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