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July 14, 2006


Mike Spreng

Hey, not bad! That's funny you posted this. I was just thinking of how I could make one. I'm not so much of an artist, though. Maybe I could go to the fair and get one of those guys to airbrush a lion...LOL, yeah right.

Mike Spreng

But wait, is that one airbrushed? I guess it could be but it doesn't have the gangsta look that most airbrushed designs have.


I modeled the lion off of my old PCA gang tattoo.


Nice, nice!!!

What will the lettering say below it? Lion of Judah?



Well uh, I like clicked the link and saw the banner. What was the color?... Salmon perhaps?



Check out the link in the post. The "Lion of Judah" will be in the side panels. Hey, how's the weather in Louie? Man, its a scorching 105 out here with big wldfires.


Yes, metallic salmon just for you!.

No, actually corsair navy.

Hey, is Sema having happy hour on the deck or what?



Yeh, its hot here this weekend and will be for a few days, close to 100(in mid 90s) but also with humidity. The heat index then is well over 105-110 etc. but fires.... probably not because we still have some humidity, in soil, in plants, in the air. Sorry to hear of the heat and fires out there.

Yes, Seima is enjoying the deck I think. Recent deck activies include Rob Wotten and John Stork's but both are ground level, not at all like the elevated Craw porch!

Q. On the church website it said I think it was to begin Sept. 10, what's up? Seems like you all are meeting already.



Not too shabby! You're an Impressionist.


Yes, as I was painting little voices told me to cut off one of my ears.

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