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July 14, 2006


The Cheng

Salmon... now that reminds me of Alaska, and that book I read in h.s. about God's Country or something like that.

Fire on the mountain... now that reminds me of a sermon I heard in elementary hom. about Sinai and Zion.

Before Mikael leaves for camp... I am reminded that I am in possession of something from Trader Joe's to remedy the humidity.

Brian Penney

Greetings Garrett...visited PRPC July 2nd. I was helping bring one of our young men home from school, Joe Castiglione. Maybe you met him, Brad Wood and family took him under their wing. Hope all is well with St. Andrews CC! Btw, great lion!


Unfortunately, I don't know Joe. All is well at SACC as we get prepared to launch. Thanks for the compliment on the art.

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