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August 05, 2006



Yes, Murray's writings are very helpful. I appreciate how careful and precise he is with his theological writing. Why do you wish Watson's book on repentance had never been written?


With regards to Watson, he is somewhat the pinnacle of hyper-introspective Puritanism. If one isn't crying and repenting all the time about everything, one needs to question their salvation. Makes the rest of us feel hopeless.

Steve McCoy

Thanks for the tag. My list is up.

Phillip Dennis

Glad to see you survived the southland heatwave!

I have mixed feelings about Murray, myself. I'm sorry to say that almost always when I've consulted him on something I've ended up disappointed. Example: I fully affirm the analogy between Christ and Adam in Romans 5:12-21 but think that Murray presses it too far. He's a little too scholastic for my taste.


Don't like Murray? Dude, you're a heretic!

BTW it was about 80 degrees here today with a fabulous breeze.

Phillip Dennis

It's not that I don't like him. I'm sure we'll be great pals with lots to talk about. It's just that on the few occasions I've turned to his writings for insight on something, he seems to think the issue is completely settled and he hasn't addressed any of my questions at all. That's what I mean by disappointing. I do intend to dig into the four-volume collection one of these days. No doubt there's lots of gold.


Murray? I'm surprised. Most of the stuff I've read by him has been good, humble, and with a healthy dose of "this isn't the last word."


By the way, my friend, I too, am currently reading Juan Calvino's Institutes. I wonder how many Reformed guys have actually READ him... hmmm.

Rich Tatum

You didn't tag me, but you are in my lineage of ancestors for this particular meme. I also linked to you from my list.

The One Book Meme. My Response.



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