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September 19, 2007



Very cool, Garrett! I'm glad your work is going so well.

Will we see you at presbytery this year?


Yessir, the Cali Posse will be in Moscow complete with some very fine smokes and adult beverages.


Wow! I hope the building works out for you! We'll be praying for you about it.


Thanks Jennifer. See you all in a week.


I don't know if you care about what the "church planting gurus" say, but as a new church plant you’re supposed to wait up to five years before you commit to a building as it will define every aspect of your church "culture." Just think about how the use of your present facility defines (or confines) you now... Then again, the church can grow under a tree! God's best!
(BTW, we just moved to a new school site, and we are really excited about it! I actually think it's nice enough for a wedding!)



Gurus do say but then there is the Mars Hill model that breaks all molds. As far as identity we are: (1) liturgical (2) parish. Thus, having a church building is important and we committed ourselves long ago to seek to plant ourselves in a community that needs the mercy and transformation of Christ and His Kingdom. Obviously every community does but some do more than others and this is a needy neighborhood.

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