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August 26, 2008



I'm in Delaware. I don't know about the facelift thing; you may have something there.

Let me tell you something though, Joe Biden is not who you want to put your small, colonial state on the map of the news cycle. My family moved to Delaware shortly after Biden was first elected to the Senate.

Biden is rabidly pro-abortion. Not only that, he's anti-liberty in a profound way, and a puppet of large government interests. Biden has spent a great deal of his 30+ Senate career furthering the interests and growth of Government. Special industry interests, namely the RIAA, have Biden firmly in hip pocket (Biden not only has voted consistently against Net neutrality, but also *for* the Internet tax!).

He's also notorious for putting his foot in his mouth, along with problems associated with plagiarization and resumé inflation. So I don't cherish the thought of 4 years of Biden-Delaware association. I like our little state off that radar to a certain extent.

The Cheng

Funny thing, that thought was exactly what I was thinking (just behind the other one that political conventions really do come across as "religious services" for those who may seldom attend them anywhere else.)

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