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November 13, 2010


Trent Hunter

Keep posting! I enjoy the comments.

Your section on church history made me think about the way we celebrate holidays. I would like to see our culture give more attention to Easter. That is the sine qua non Christian holiday, not Christmas. It should receive much more attention and festivity than it typically does. Food for thought.


Good start, However, I probably would have included GOSPEL in my list.

Just saying.



I assume a certain maturity level with my readers that it wouldn't be necessary in a post of this nature to tell them to look for a church that declares the euangelion, or other things that I was remiss in mentioning like Jesus or the Trinity. They are already presupposed through everything: preaching, community, sacraments, history, just saying...


While the overall trend in Baptist churches is towards an unfortunate ignorance of history, to say that _any_ church who baptizes an adult even if he was baptized as an infant is ignorant of history isn't true. For Particular Baptists, history is a very real issue. (Though even two Dutch Reformed fellows from South Africa studied the patristic authors and decided that for the very earliest part of the early church–first 200 years or so–the predominant practice was to baptise only believers.) For example, I'm currently reading a document titled "Storming of Antichrist" (1644), which deals with patristic writings in its arguments against paedobaptism.


Hi Jen,

I would say that any baptistic church that demands an already baptized person be baptized again is, indeed, ignorant of history. This goes against the Creeds themselves. Remember, Blackwood's position was for religious toleration for a persecuted minority of particular Baptists. The tables are turned on their head now with paedobaptists being forced to be re-baptized. I think the vast majority of baptist culture wouldn't know the difference between doughnuts and Donatists. Even John Piper sees this.

BTW the communion I serve in allows a great deal of latitude on baptism so the issue isn't paedo or credo baptism for the sake of this argument but how historical understanding informs toleration in the acceptance of it.

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